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As far as I care, kilo_meecho of Sabrous is dead. I am making this decision for my own health reasons. If anyone who RPs wants to make something of it, do whatever you want with it. If he go spliced in the process of warping back to Sab, fine. If he committed suicide before returning out of depression, fine. I don't care, you don't have to ask and/or tell me just do what you want. IF HE SUFFOCATED INSIDE OF A GIANT BALLOON, THAT IS FINE TOO. I STILL DON'T CARE.

On the other hand, this has no effect on the Kilo I had before Sabrous, Kilo Hydrofeline, Kimmy Hydrofeline's father. Because frankly, the others were copies thrown into a place where they really didn't belong at all.

This would also mean that Koli has ceased to exist. Koli could not come to be in a world like the one I founded around Kimmy.
Charlotte still exists, but as you might imagine if you happen to be familiar with my earlier works, Charlotte's past is significantly different as well as her relationship with Kilo. I'll write about it in time, I assume. If I have any motive to.
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